Find sexy escort girls in Norway

Here you will find hundreds of ads from hot escort women who may be yours for an evening you will not forget late. Although these ads are for girls in Norway, it does not mean that you can only find Norwegian women, a large number of our advertisers come from other countries around the world, but are currently resident in Norway.

It is very easy to find escort girls living near you. Either you can filter the women based on which city they operate in, or you can simply dial your zip code and select a radius, for example. 100 km and see all active escorts within 100 km from nearby. There are the largest number of Norwegian escorts near large cities such as Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen due to the size of the cities, but there are many hot girls in other parts of the country as well.

Here's how to find escorts throughout Norway

When it comes to seeing details of the different escorts, this is also very easy. Usually, there is a lot of information directly in the ad. To begin with, there are in many cases a number of different images, so it is easy to form an idea of ​​what the escort looks like. Below the pictures are often additional information, such as what nationality they have, what services they offer and what prices apply are included here.

Although there is no information you are interested in, it is easy to get additional information. All you have to do is contact the escort and ask the question directly to them. If you contact an escort, be respectful and mention that you came in contact via Escort46. Most escorts have several different contact routes such as regular phone calls and SMS to more modern solutions such as Whatsapp, Kik or Snapchat.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a Norwegian escort today and have an unforgettable experience together.

What to expect from your escort during the meeting

Of course, this may differ a lot from what you can expect depending on which service (s) you are interested in. But usually all planning is handled in advance before the actual meeting. In advance things are arranged such as what services you can offer, what the whole party will cost and where and when to meet. This means that everything that happens during the actual meeting is payment and that everything is physical.

Most escorts are very professional in their approach and know that they offer a service that you paid for. Therefore, they are often very welcoming and open for the most part. Although they meet multiple clients, it may be okay to make sure your escort feels comfortable during the meeting. If you were curious about any service other than the one you agreed to, it's always okay to ask, but a no means no.

Beyond that, just look forward to the joy and satisfaction that applies. But in general, you can always expect a professional response during the meeting, and that you will feel satisfied before the meeting is over.

Are you interested in advertising as an escort?

Escort46 is also very easy to use for those who are escorting and are interested in getting new clients. The site is free to use, and you can easily create a free ad to take advantage of the many features we have to offer. It is very easy to convey all the information you think is important, all you have to do is tell a little about yourself, describe what you have to offer and upload a picture or two of yourself. Create your free ad and get started with Escort46 today!

Escort services from the menu

If you are looking for a service not mentioned in any of the ads, it may be a good idea to discuss them directly with the escorts to see if anyone is willing to try the service you are looking for. Often they are very open and willing to offer as much as possible at the right price, so it doesn't hurt to ask the question. This also applies to more extreme services such as golden or brown showers that may not be too common for people to look for, which may be why they are not included in the menu. As long as you maintain a respectful level, it doesn't hurt to ask.