21-year-old woman with hungry green eyes


I am a red-haired 21-year-old woman with hungry green eyes, soft and curvy shapes, slim hands and fingers, and a butt to grab. Although I have a preference for black clothes and dark make-up, I always have a smile about my mouth, as I smile a lot and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. However, nothing can beat the feeling of seeing someone in absolute satisfaction, as a reaction to my rude specialties.

• What I expect from you:

You are a polite, discreet and professional gentleman, between 18 and 40 years old. Ethnicity, nationality and social status is not so important to me. As long as you know what you want, we can communicate in either Norwegian or English, and you respect me and my limits, so we can have an exciting encounter with us two in between. I also expect you to understand that condoms and cleanliness are an indisputable must. And pruting is out of order.

• What I offer:

I like to give you regular sex and am happy to date. I'm easy to talk to and can give you a worthy girlfriend experience. With that said, my specialty is blowjobs, and then included deepthroating. I'm really kidding you and I can guarantee you'll love it.

💦If you are good at your fingers, you may make me squirm. Do you take the challenge?

Other than that, I offer swallowing, face sitting, bondage, general role playing, submissiveness, and so much spanking you just hurry. Kissing is done with reservations. I am very curious about performing dominance, but have minimum experience with it. If you fantasize about specific outfits, I can gladly offer you show up in sexy lingerie, school uniform, a big shirt along with knee loops ... or nothing.

🏠Kun outcalls. You are responsible for the place we meet is safe, discreet and reintroduced.

• What I like:

Personally, I love hard sex. Crush me, take me hard from behind, spank me, bite me, talk dirty to me ... then we can really have fun together.

• How to meet me:

Tell me about yourself in an email or in a message; Describe yourself with height, bodybuilding and age, as well as occupation where you are from, and preferably if you are married or not. I am by no means looking forward to judging you and you do not have to worry that I'll say no, just based on your appearance. I'm looking to get a picture of you before we meet, nothing scary. I'm reluctant to feel safe during my meetings, and the more sincere you are, the greater is the chance that I choose to meet just you. Come with a specific desire for what you are interested in doing together, and if you convince me that you truly respect women (especially in this field), I'm more than willing to enter into an agreement with you, and give you a price.


30 min: 2000kr
1 hour: 3000kr
2 hours with sex, with OWO and swallowing / facial: 6000kr
Accommodation: From 12'000kr

These are fixed prices. If you come up with other and more specific requests for our hit, it may be either cheaper or more expensive. I'm open to most exciting fantasies you dream of fulfilling.

Tel .: 41216426 (send message about yourself, do not call first)
Mail: [email protected]
Snapchat: ungesarah

Hope to hear from you. I'm waiting for you;)



162 CM
52 KG

Oslo - 0272


Don't forget to mention Escort46 when you get in touch!

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